Reddy Recessed boxes and connection- and fastener systems.

Earlier this year Preflex took over the company Reddy NV. Reddy is a Belgian manufacturer and an established value in the production and commercialization of electrical installation material and connection and fastener systems. 


The Reddy range perfectly complements our range of quality solutions and fits perfectly with our mission to make the professional electrical installer work easier, faster and safer.  



The Reddy recessed boxes in particular have a number of undeniable advantages for the professional electrical installer:  

boxes stay true to shape in serial installation

available with extra-long screws for easy installation

boxes stay true to shape for long-term fixation of plugs and switches

inbouwdozen van 65 mm diepte zijn compatibel met buizen met diameter 16, 20 en 25 mm

thanks to multi-way joins, boxes with different depths can be combined either vertically or horizontally

In addition to the high-quality, whether or not airtight, flush-mounted boxes, the reddy range also offers a range of accessories for attaching and connecting both flexible and rigid pipes.  

- Clamp plugs, pressure clamps, spring clamps, saddle clamps, clipso

- Sockets, bends, entrances, L-connectors, T-connectors

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