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Below you can find answers to a couple of frequently asked questions.

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What is a flex?

A flex is a flexible conduit meant for electrical installations.

What is a prewired conduit?

A prewired conduit is a flexible conduit containing a number of wires or cables for high or low voltage.

What does extrusion of a prewired flexible conduit mean?

Extrusion is a process in which a substance is melted and formed into a ribbed conduit around a cable.

What does PP mean?

Our conduits are made of polypropylene. This is a low smoke halogenfree substance that can also be made flame extinguishing/flame retardant by means of additives.

The organisation

Where can I find the Preflex organisation chart?

You can find the organisation chart here . The Preflex Group employs about 40 people.

How can I know who my Preflex representative is?

Region Limburg, Antwerpen, Vlaams-Brabant, Brussel, Wallonië:  Yves Luyten

Region Antwerpen-Stad, West-Vlaanderen, Oost-Vlaanderen, Henegouwen (regio Doornik):  Kris Desmet

Regio Midden-Zuid Nederland: Rolf De Vries

Regio Noord-Oost Nederland Derk Tap

Region Zuid-West Nederland:  Kees Tinke

Is Preflex also active abroad?

Yes, our products are installed in no less than 10 different European countries.

Is it possible to visit Preflex

Yes, certainly. You can request a company visit here  .


Are the Preflex price lists valid for a longer period?

In principle they are not. As Preflex follows up on the monthly evolution of the price of copper and polypropene, our prices may be adjusted every month.

Product range & characteristics

Which materials are Preflex conduits made of?

Our conduits are made of polypropylene. This is a low smoke halogenfree substance that can also be made flame extinguishing/flame retardant by means of additives.

In which diameters and lengths are the Preflex cconduits available?

Preflex conduits are available with standard diameters of 16, 20, 25, 32 and 40mm. The standard length for coils is 25, 50, 100 or 150m. We also supply Preflex on drums of 250, 300 or 500m.

Are the Preflex conduits LS0H?

Yes, our conduits are only sold in a halogenfree version. On request, the cables in the conduit can also be made halogenfree. For more information, please take a look at Preflex SAFE.


How do I install a Preflex conduit?

You can find the installation instructions for Preflex conduits here  .

Can the wires in a Preflex conduit be replaced afterwards?

Yes. As the Preflex conduits have a solid shape, the wiring can still be replaced provided that the installation was done in accordance with the applicable regulations. It is therefore important that you respect the prescribed bend radius and the maximum number of elbows allowed during the installation.

For which purposes can the Preflex conduits be used? Which cables are pulled through them?

Our conduits consist of high-voltage or low-voltage cables, installation cables, coaxial cables, data cables, signalling cables, control cables, fire alarm cables, etc. You can find our complete product range on this website or in our catalogue.

Can I use the Preflex conduits in combination with wide slab floors too?

Yes, the Preflex prewired flexible conduit can resist a pressure of up to 750 N and therefore retains its shape after it has been covered by poured concrete.

For which types of construction projects are the Preflex conduits suited?

The Preflex prewired flexible conduits are mainly suited for construction projects, and specifically for housing. Renovations, hollow core slab floors and wide slab floors are just a few examples. Depending on the type of cable, Preflex can also be used in more industrial applications.

Which advantages does an unwinder offer?

Our unwinding system helps you to unwind coils easily without looping. Especially when you are working alone, an unwinder can come in handy.

Do I really need an unwinder to use the Preflex conduits?

No, that is not necessary. Our coils can be easily unwound from the inside. The foil keeps the residual lengths nicely in place. However, if you want to work quicker, you might want to consider purchasing an  unwinder anyhow.

Practical information

Where can I buy Preflex conduits?

Preflex is distributed via a network of wholesalers.

Where can I find the article number?

You can find our article codes in the catalogue. If you need an article that is not mentioned in our catalogue, please contact us  via the contact form.

Where can I find the Preflex catalogue?

You can request he catalogue here  It will be sent to your home or work address.

Does Preflex also develop customised products?

Yes, we are able to manufacture your bespoke combination in close consultation with you. You can find further information on our  be Smart page en op onze think Genius pagina .

Are the cables also manufactured by Preflex?

No, we purchase them from different certified European suppliers. But we do submit them to a strict quality inspection in order to be sure that they can be easily stripped and are sufficiently smooth to replace wires, if necessary.

Where can I find the specifications of the wiring or cabling?

Yes, it is actually very easy to use Preflex conduits in wide slab construction. Please contact one of our  here  .

Which packaging unit should I opt for?

There is no ‘best practice’ when it comes to selecting the packaging unit. It all depends on your project and way of working. Our 100 m coils are packaged in such a way that the coil can easily be unwound from the inside. The foil keeps the residual lengths nicely in place. You can also make use of one of our unwinders. For apartment buildings, our electricians prefer to work with drums, which are available for a large number of products. You can use our Roll..Profi unwinder to this end.

How long does it take before the Preflex products are delivered?

We deliver 90% of our product range to the wholesalers within 3 working days. As the wholesalers that we work with always have a lot of products in stock, they are able to deliver quickly.


What is CPR?

The Construction Products Regulation (CPR) is a European regulation with the objective of ensuring that reliable information on construction products in relation to their performances is provided. Electrical cables for electrical installations in buildings are subject to the CPR in terms of their reaction to fire and are classified in different fire classes.

What is AREI 104?

Article 104 from the AREI (general regulations for electrical installations) is the standard stipulating which conditions an installation needs to comply with regarding fire safety in Belgium. The Preflex SAFE range is the right solution here.

What is the goal of CPR?

The goal of the European Construction Products Regulation (CPR) is to provide reliable and univocal information about product constructions and the relationship with their applications. This is achieved by means of uniform agreements (common technical language) about certain essential product characteristics. Manufacturers need to provide information about the technical product properties in a so-called Declaration of Performance (DoP). Moreover, the CE marking for products needs to be adjusted in accordance with the regulation. For cables this only concerns their reaction to fire; other cable characteristics (e.g. electrical and mechanical properties) are still governed by the current national and, if available, international specifications.



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