New in the Preflex PRODUCT RANGE: rigid tubes from Pipelife.

Pipelife means quality, innovation and care for the environment. Pipelife’s products comprise a very extensive range of materials for electrical applications. Its range of rigid tubes includes materials that combine well with Preflex® pre-wired products.

Preflex® has three product groups:


light or dark grey – 16mm to 50mm diameter

All 16mm and 20mm tubes feature a red low-friction layer which makes installation quicker and easier. The unique low-friction layer reduces friction by 50%, making it easier than ever for you to run cables through tubes. And because less force is required, damage to cables and cable coating is also much less likely.


dark grey - 16mm to 50mm diameter

Reinforced Polivolt tubes (ICTA 3341) have greater impact resistance, making it stronger even at lower temperatures (to -25°).


light grey - 16mm to 50mm diameter

Halovolt tubes are reinforced and contains 0% halogen, making it our most fire-resistant solution. Halovolt tubes are available in diameters from 16mm to 50mm. The 16mm and 20mm variants feature a low-friction layer.

Onze productspecialisten maken graag een afspraak om de details toe te lichten.

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